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There is power in the Word of God. Our goal is to see change manifested in your life through the preached and taught Word of God. Join us for Word Wednesday every Wednesday at 7:30 in the Sanctuary, Facebook Live and Blogtalk Radio.         



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We are stronger together. Become a part of our mission. Partner with us as we   continue to save souls, change lives, set the captives free and empower God's people. Sow a seed today and partner with us as we continue to do the work of the LORD. Click the button below to sow your financial seed now. 

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We would love to meet you! Come and join us for one of our services at New Creation Christian Ministries, 1482 Maple Avenue, Hillside, NJ. Service time is 12:30 p.m.. We normally end at 2:30. Subject to the move of God's Spirit. You will be blessed! .Word Wednesday is now in the sanctuary at 7:30 p.m. The Word is taught with power every week. Women's Word Wednesday is the 4th Wednesday of every month!